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EAU Events App: Your Smart Congress Companion

What provides a tremendous amount of information and fits in your pocket? Apps in your mobile, indeed! Optimise your experience at the upcoming 34th Annual EAU (EAU19) Congress with the handy EAU Events app. No lugging around heavy books, brochures or other printed materials. Go digital and choose this eco-friendly alternative!

Some benefits of the app
You can easily browse through EAU19’s Scientific Programme via the EAU Events app. You can filter your search by day, session type, and speaker. You can even create your own personal programme thanks to the personal planner feature!

Find your way to rooms and exhibitor booths via the floorplans. Receive your dose of daily news and get push notifications for impromptu changes at EAU19 (you can either keep or disable this feature. It’s up to you).

The app doesn’t necessarily require internet access. You can use the app offline but please note that some features will only be updated when you’re online e.g. news, Tweets, etc.

How to download the app

1) Download the EAU Events app via Google Play or via iTunes.

2) In the EAU Events menu, select “EAU19: 34th Annual Congress, Barcelona”.

3) Browse through the menu for the information you need.

A glance at the menu features

The menu includes the features mentioned below and plenty more! Feel free to explore this amazing tool!

  • General info
    This is a glossary of features, services and amenities offered during EAU19 like “Charge and Connect Area” (areas to recharge your devices)
  • Programme
    Lectures organised per day and per type of session (colour-coded to indicate whether lectures fall under Industry Session, Poster Session, etc.)
  • Speakers
    This part of the menu shows the titles of the lectures and sessions, the date and time, room name and location in the venue, the “My Notes” feature, and “Add to Calendar” option.

Discover the rest of the app´s many handy features. Download this must-have app now! For Android get the app via Google Play and for iOS, download it via iTunes.