EAU23 Patient Day Programme

EAU23 Patient Day Friday 10 March
09.00 Urological Patient Presentations
10.15 Roundtable discussion: Patient-Physician Communication
11.30 Roundtable discussion: Surviving Urological Cancer and Chronic disability from Urological Disease
13.30 Roundtable discussion: What is Cystitis?

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Additional Sessions with Patient Representation


Friday 10 March 2023 Saturday 11 March 2023 Sunday 12 March 2023
Plenary Session: Challenges in Supportive Care in GU Cancers
Thematic Session: Locally advanced BCa: Misconception of informed consent
Clinical Leadership Development Workshop: Educating clinicians on the value and benefits of patient empowerment and engagement
Special Session: Meeting of the Young Academic Urologists (YAU)
Plenary Session: Controversies on EAU Guidelines II: Testicular and bladder cancer and stones
Thematic Session: EAU Guideline session: Non-neurogenic female LUTS