About EAU Patient Information

The EAU Patient Information initiative is a collaborative, pan-European platform developed in line with the evidence-based EAU Guidelines. It has grown from a small pilot in 2012 on kidney stones, to a multilingual website offering information on a wide range of urological diseases and a growing library with educational videos. All source information is in English and translations into 18 different languages is ongoing.

We believe that by providing reliable sources of patient information on the internet we make a meaningful contribution to the network of trustworthy information suppliers, enabling patients and their family to educate themselves more easily.

EAU Patient Information is about educating and empowering patients. Four components are fundamental to the process of patient empowerment:

  • Helping patients understand their role
  • Acquisition by patients of sufficient knowledge to be able to engage with their healthcare provider;
  • Patient skills
  • The presence of a facilitating environment

We support the World Health Organization’s definition of patient empowerment as “a process through which people gain greater control over decisions and actions affecting their health” and should be seen as both an individual and a community process.

EAU Patient Information collaborates with healthcare professionals such as urologists, oncologists, uro-pathologists, nurses, as well as patient representatives.

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Patient Advocacy

Patient engagement has become a cornerstone of quality care and is a frequently stated goal for healthcare organisations. Traditionally, and most commonly, this engagement has focussed on the relationship between patients and providers in making care decisions or how to improve patients’ efforts to manage their own care. However, there are growing efforts to integrate patients in broader ways, including efforts to improve or redesign service delivery by incorporating the patient’s experiences.

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EAU Patient Advocate Membership (PAM)

The EAU recently established a membership category for patient advocates. This membership offers a multitude of benefits.

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Annual fee: 25 Euro

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EAU Patient Information
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