The EAU22 Patient Day will bring further awareness to the patient’s perspective by focusing on the theme “Addressing Unmet Needs.” The sessions are developed in collaboration with the following patient support groups: World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition (WBCPC), International Kidney Cancer Coalition (IKCC), Europa Uomo, World Federation for Incontinence and Pelvic Problems (WFIPP), eUROGEN, and  European Cancer Leagues (ECL). Below you will find the tentative programme.

There will be three sessions dedicated to specific urological cancers on Patient Day.

  1. Led by the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition (WBCPC), the Bladder Cancer session aims to explore ways to create and maintain meaningful patient-physician relationships and support networks.
  2. The Kidney Cancer session, led by the International Kidney Cancer Coalition (IKCC), intends to discuss how communication between health care practitioners (HCPs) and cancer patients can be improved through shared decision-making.
  3. Europa Uomo will lead the Prostate Cancer session with the primary goal of improving the quality of life of prostate cancer patients through awareness and empowerment.

There is also a session on Functional Urology, led by the World Federation for Incontinence and Pelvic Problems (WFIPP), where sustainable continence care, living with incontinence, and reaching out to patients who lack digital and literacy skills, will be discussed.

The Patient Poster session will again be part of EAU Patient Day. For this year, patients and patient advocates’ submissions range from solutions, novel approaches and best practices revolving around physical and psychological well-being, finance and work, patient involvement in clinical research, development of care pathways and clinical guidelines, and patient engagement/advocacy in healthcare policy.

Finally, there will be two roundtable discussions.

  1. The Roundtable: Incontinence is a collaboration with WFIPP and revolves around promoting awareness on incontinence, it’s management, and future innovations*.
  2. The Roundtable: Fatigue in Prostate Cancer Patients will provide a venue for HCPs, patient advocates, and most especially patients and their caregivers, to discuss and understand fatigue in prostate cancer patients, and how this can be better managed**.

Some session details are still being finalised so please check this page for EAU22 Patient Day activities and updates.

*The Roundtable: Incontinence is supported by an unrestricted grant from Medtronic

**The Roundtable: Fatigue in Prostate Cancer Patients is supported by an unrestricted grant from Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals Inc.