Group registrations

This information is for when you wish to register 1 or more persons (other than yourself).

The deadline for group registration is Friday 10 July. After this date we do no longer accept group registrations with more than 40 participants via Excel spreadsheets. The online registration system remains open until 26 July therefore you can still register groups through the online registration system.

Existing Registration
If you have already made a registration for the EAU20 Congress, you do not have to take any action. The complete registration will be automatically transferred to the EAU20 Virtual Congress. All delegates (with the exception of exhibitor-, day- and session registration) will receive a free registration for the EAU20 Virtual Congress.

New Registration
If you wish to register new delegates then you can do so via the online registration system.

When registering 1 or more persons other than yourself, please make sure to first login with your own account. It is important that we have your contact details, in case we have questions regarding the payment or other items.

Once you have logged on to the registration page, you can select the option “register someone else” and search in our database for the person you want to register. You can use the button at the bottom of the page to add more participants to the same registration. This way you will only receive 1 invoice with all costs on it, and you’ll only have to do 1 payment for all registration fees.

There is no limit to the number of participants you can register for this event. Please remember to only register participants who are no member of the EAU and who have no existing registration for EAU20.