Registrations cancelled EAU20 Congress

While we deeply regret having to cancel EAU20 in Amsterdam, we are also pleased to announce the new EAU20 Virtual Congress and Theme Week, held on 17-19 and 20-27 July, respectively.

Previously-registered EAU20 and EAUN20 delegates will receive a full refund on their registration fees. + free access to the EAU20 Virtual Congress. As soon as your refund has been process you’ll receive a confirmation from us by e-mail, including a credit invoice. Please allow us some time to process all refunds over the coming months.

If you paid for your registration with a credit card, you will automatically be reimbursed and you do not need to contact us. If you paid for your registration with a bank transfer, please complete this form and send it to Please be sure to fill it out completely and include your EAU20 registration number at the top.

Free Registration EAU20 Virtual
The registration for the EAU20 Virtual Congress and Theme Week is free of charge for:

  • Registered EAU20 or EAUN20 delegates who have a completed registration for the EAU20 or EAUN20 Congress in Amsterdam, with the exception of those who only have a day or session registration or who are an exhibitor. All registered delegates will receive a refund for their existing EAU20 EAUN20 Amsterdam registration(s), also when attending the Virtual Congress. Name changes are not allowed on existing registrations.
  • All EAU(N) members with a current active subscription*
  • Press*

* also for those who were not previously registered for the EAU20 Amsterdam congress

If you are not an EAU member and hold no existing registration for EAU20, you can make a new registration for EAU20 Virtual. The online registration is now open!