ESU/ESUT/ESUI Hands-on Training in Urological ultrasound

Course Description
Ultrasonography is an essential instrument in the management of urological patients, both in the diagnostic phase and during follow-up after treatment. It is an evolving technology with increasing performance. Since it is becoming cheaper and user-friendly, it is more available in every urological office. The knowledge and the use of this method should be part of the standard background and armamentarium of each urologist.

This hands-on-course aims to provide urologists with the necessary baseline training to implement abdominal ultrasound as well as transrectal ultrasound of the prostate as a routine diagnostic tool in daily practice. It will provide basic information by short and concise lectures followed by extensive practical exercise.

Aim and objectives

  • At the end of the course, the participants understand the advantages, handling and limitations of ultrasound in the urological practice.
  • Target audience: urologists, interested in the diagnostic ability of urological ultrasound