EAU20 Virtual Congress FAQ

  • Q: How can I view the virtual congress?
    A: You can view the virtual congress via a special platform. You can access the platform here with your MyEAU credentials. If you are not an EAU member and did not have a previous registration, you can register for the EAU20 Virtual Congress and Theme Week.
  • Q: If I cannot view the presentations live, can they be viewed afterwards? And for how long are the presentations accessible?
    A: Presentations can be viewed on demand in the virtual congress platform, directly after they have taken place. From 27 July the presentations (in webcast format) and the full sessions (in video format) can also be viewed in the Resource Centre up to 3 years after the congress. (Note: CME accreditation is only valid for content viewed on the congress platform, not the Resource Centre.)
  • Q: Will the content be translated?
    A: No translation will be provided. The congress sessions will be conducted in English.
  • Q: I live in a different time zone, how do I know at what time the sessions start?
    A: You can check the time zone converter in the programme overview.
  • Q: Will I receive CME credits?
    A: You will receive CME credits by viewing the presentations in the virtual congress platform until 27 July 20:00 CEST. You will not receive CME credits when viewing the content in the Resource Centre.
  • Q: I forgot my password.
    A: You can request a new password here.
  • Q: I don’t know my user name.
    A: A mailing was sent on 14 July to all registered participants and all EAU(N) members with the user name information. Your username can also be requested here.
  • Q: Will I receive a Certificate of Attendance?
    A: If you have viewed the presentations in the virtual congress platform you will be able to download the Certificate of Attendance via the MyEAU portal from 29 July.
  • Q: Can I join the virtual congress via the congress app?
    A: No, that is not possible. The virtual congress can only be viewed from the virtual congress platform which can be accessed from here.

Technical recommendations

A computer/laptop, headset/headphones and a wired internet connection with a 5Mbit upstream is recommended.

Internet browser: We recommend Google Chrome (most recent version).

Processor: There are no restrictions on processing power, if you can access www.eau20.org you’ll be able to access the virtual congress platform.

Bandwidth: There are no restrictions to access the platform. However, it would be advised to have a 5Mbit upstream.

Firewalls: By default no content needs to be accessible via a firewall or VPN. However, we cannot control the default restrictions set by your internet provider or state.