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Beware of fraudulent EAU21 websites!

Please be aware of fraudulent websites claiming to offer registration for EAU21. The following website is FAKE and should be avoided at all costs. Persons who register via the fraudulent website pay up to double the registration fees the EAU offers via this official congress website.

You can recognise the fraudulent website due to them missing the official EAU21 design and logo, and false contact information. One example of a fake website looks like this:



Official Partners
EAU21 is officially organised by Congress Consultants B.V. which is based in Arnhem in the Netherlands. This is the only party handling the registration of delegates.

Correspondence related to the registration will only come from the Netherlands. The EAU does not work from any other country. The official emails will always only come from:


The EAU does not recommend using any other supplier and warns delegates to be cautious when disclosing personal information to third parties.