Industry Options

At EAU24 we expect a large global audience of around 10,000 healthcare professionals joining from all over the world.

To increase your exposure we offer a wide range of industry options that enables you to reach a global audience dedicated to urology. Think about engaging industry sessions with real-time Q&A, live surgery participation, co-creation of educational and media content and numerous promotional options.

If you would like to know more about the many Industry Options, please read the brochure below or contact the EAU Sales Department.

EAU24 Industry Options

EAU rules regarding non-official meetings

During the period 3-9 April 2024 it is strictly forbidden to hold any other (scientific) meetings, Industry Sessions, seminars or hands-on training courses involving more than 5 congress delegates, either within the congress venue or at other location(s) in the city of Paris or surrounding areas (500 km). It is also forbidden to organise repeating meetings involving less than 5 congress delegates. The EAU Congress Office should be informed of any meeting(s) involving more than 5  congress delegates during the days mentioned above. Any formal presentations occurring at hospitality events will be regarded as scientific meetings. Hospitality events may only be organised outside the official congress hours and not during the official social events. Violation of the above-mentioned rules will have consequences for participation in the official exhibition or Industry Session/Seminar programme. The EAU trusts that all companies, next to the EAU regulations, commit to the existing European and national regulations of the healthcare authorities. The information contained in this manual can be subject to change.

Exceptions to the above rules are at the discretion of the EAU, please contact the EAU sales department at if you require further information.