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14 September 2023

More emphasis on research at upcoming Annual Congress

EAU24 to feature new Research Forum to highlight basic and translational research
04 July 2023

Submit your abstract for EAU24: Important tips

The Annual EAU Congress annually attracts around 5,000 abstract submissions from urologists and other medical professionals around the world. Competition
22 March 2023

EAUTV: Prostate Cancer at EAU23

Chair of the EAU Scientific Congress Office, Prof. Peter Albers, leads this discussion of early detection of Prostate Cancer with
13 March 2023

Best of EAU23: Excerpts from the congress’s most crucial updates

Europe’s biggest urological event of the year, the 38th Annual EAU Congress (EAU23), concluded with a special session that encapsulated
13 March 2023

EAUTV: Men’s Health at EAU23

Hear about how men’s health can often be used as a catchphrase and falls to marketing from our panel of
13 March 2023

EAU23 features top-tier and prize-winning abstracts

The Special Session “Best of EAU23 Abstracts: An expert discussion” showcased top-tier research on oncological and non-oncological topics. The Scientific
13 March 2023

Stones in 2023: New treatment options and ‘cooked kidneys’

Urologists have no lack of new treatment options for stones, but sometimes the difference between the dozen or so Thulium
13 March 2023

Wearables for erectile quality: Just a catchy gadget?

The field of men’s health is undergoing a progressive transformation, as it strives to explore and adopt innovative assessment and
13 March 2023

Guidelines are based on available data, is it enough?

The Thematic Session “Controversies on EAU Guidelines: Prostate, bladder cancer and men’s health” took place on day three of EAU23
12 March 2023

Thematic Session: Implications of the new EU approach to PCa detection

Prostate cancer patients can look forward to a continent-wide effort to improve early detection and reduce suffering and mortality, and
12 March 2023

Plenary session sheds light on microbiome and strategies for urosepsis

What is the link between microbiome and the development of genitourinary (GU) cancers? How does one manage urosepsis effectively? Experts
12 March 2023

Plenary on prostate cancer: Screening and stratification

With prostate cancer (PCa) and in particular its early detection a red-hot topic for urologists in Europe, the EAU23 Plenary
12 March 2023

EAUTV: Infections at EAU23

Our three experts on Infections, Prof. Florian Wagenlehner, Prof. Zafer Tandogdu and Dr. Anne Ackerman, discuss the prevalence of urosepsis,