EAU24 Patient Day


The EAU Patient Office is currently preparing for its major annual event, the EAU Patient Day. Since its inception, the event offers a platform where healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patient advocates can meet to share perspectives and experiences. The third in-person edition of Patient Day will take place at the upcoming Annual EAU Congress in Paris (EAU24) on Friday 5 April.

After a successful EAU23, Patient Day kicks off on the first day of EAU24. You can expect a full range of activities not only for patients but also learning opportunities for HCPs where they will develop a set of vital skills to engage with patients in a way that makes a measurable impact.

Session Themes

  • Urological Patient Presentations
  • Roundtable #1: Nutrition – Patients with cancer and the importance of nutrition.
  • Roundtable #2: Penile Cancer
  • Roundtable #3: Inflammatory Bladder
  • Roundtable #4: Use of digital technology & data driven shared decision-making

View the Patient Day programme here.


Patient advocates* can register for the congress for free.

Patient advocates* are eligible to apply for a €500 travel grant.

  • A letter is required stating why you want to attend the congress
  • You must agree to submit a post-congress report, describing your congress experience and areas for improvement
  • Applications are accepted on a first-come-first-serve-basis

To apply send an email to info.patientinformation@uroweb.org

Patient Advocacy groups are eligible to apply for a complimentary desk in the Exhibition area.

  • Applications are accepted on a first-come-first-served-basis

To apply send an email to h.wieringa@uroweb.org

EAU Patient Lounge

I also invite you to come visit the EAU Patient Lounge! The Patient Lounge is a place for patient advocates to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, relax in between sessions and to connect with peers. It is located in the EAU24 Exhibition Hall in the EAU Booth area #D80.

Last but not least, the Patient Art Gallery INSIGHT: A reimagining of “Self-CT”, by Michal Saar-Bleiweiss from Shefayim, Israel, will return!

I look forward to seeing you in Paris!

Mr. Eamonn T. Rogers Chairman EAU Patient Office
Prof. Eamonn T. Rogers
Chairman EAU Patient Office