EAU23 Patient Day


The EAU Patient Office is currently preparing for its major annual event, the EAU Patient Day. Since its inception, the event offers a platform where healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patient advocates can meet to share perspectives and experiences. The second in-person edition of Patient Day will take place at the upcoming Annual EAU Congress in Milan (EAU23) on Friday 10 March.

Patient Day kicks off on the first day of EAU23. You can expect a full range of activities not only for patients but also learning opportunities for HCPs where they will develop a set of vital skills to engage with patients in a way that makes a measurable impact.

View the Patient Day programme here.

I am happy to announce that this year, in addition to Patient Day, we have patient representation in the EAU23 scientific programme, which you can view here.

I also invite you to come visit the EAU Patient Lounge! The Patient Lounge is a place for patient advocates to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, relax in between sessions and to connect with peers. It is located in the EAU23 Exhibition at booth K36.

Last but not least, the Patient Art Gallery INSIGHT: A reimagining of “Self-CT”, by Michal Saar-Bleiweiss from Shefayim, Israel, will return!

I look forward to seeing you in Milan!

Mr. Eamonn T. Rogers Chairman EAU Patient Office
Mr. Eamonn T. Rogers
Chairman EAU Patient Office