About the EAU Patient Office

The  EAU Patient Office was established in 2021 and consists of two components:

  1. Patient Information
  2. Patient Advocacy

EAU Patient Information

The EAU Patient Information online platform offers patient information in plain language. It has grown from a small pilot in 2012 on kidney stones, to a multilingual website offering information on a wide range of urological diseases and a growing library with educational videos.

We believe that by providing reliable sources of patient information on the internet we make a meaningful contribution to the network of trustworthy information suppliers, enabling patients and their family to educate themselves more easily.

EAU Patient Information collaborates with healthcare professionals such as urologists, oncologists, uro-pathologists, nurses, as well as patient representatives.

Want to learn more? Visit: EAU Patient Information website

EAU Patient Advocacy

Patient advocacy is an area of specialisation in healthcare, concerned with advocacy for patients, survivors and caregivers.  Often times, patient advocates are or have been patients themselves, with an in-depth expert knowledge of the disease.

The EAU Patient Advocacy Group  (EPAG) consists of a number of patient organisations, each of whom present the collective needs and interests of their patient community.

Want to learn more? Visit: https://patients.uroweb.org/patient-advocacy/