Kickstarting on the first day of the Annual Congress, expect a full range of activities not only for  patients but also learning opportunities for HCPs where they will develop a set of vital skills to engage with patients in a way that makes a measurable impact. EAU23 Patient Day was made possible through an unrestricted educational grant from Pfizer Oncology, below you can find a breakdown of the events, or click here for the programme.

Roundtable 1: Patient-Physician Communication

Doctor-patient communication is vital in the delivery of high-quality healthcare. You will hear from an expert, patients and patient advocates, examples of best practices to improve patient experience, as well as how patient engagement interventions do not only improve health but survival in cancer patients.

Roundtable 2: What is Cystitis

During this roundtable, taxonomy and nomenclature as well as a management plan and the perspective of a patient are all part of the discussion. At the end of the roundtable, delegates will be able to differentiate the types of cystitis and their treatment options

Roundtable discussion: Surviving Urological Cancer and Chronic Disability from Urological Disease

The patient experience is the central focal point when coping with and managing postoperative morbidity, especially urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction following cancer treatment. These are some of the common challenges patients face as part of their treatment, which will be discussed during this roundtable

Clinical Leadership Development Workshop: Educating clinicians on the value and benefits of patient empowerment and engagement

Engage in active learning with experts in the Patient Office Clinical Leadership Development Workshop. In this workshop you will have engaging, interactive discourse with experts on topics ranging from physician-patient communication, patient engagement to actively identifying patient needs and gaining a better understanding of the benefits and value of patient engagement and why this is important. We encourage young urologists and nurses to join us and flip the classroom on our experts!

We encourage urologists and nurses to join us and ‘flip the classroom’ on our experts!
Spots are limited!

Date: Sunday 12 March, 10.15 – 12.15
Location: Meeting room 8, Orange area, level 0

Register now by sending an email to:

Presentation Skills Workshop

Due to popular demand, the Patient Office will offer patient advocates and nurses the opportunity to develop or improve their presentation skills through workshops to be led by British science journalist and author, Vivienne Parry. She hosts medical programmes for BBC Radio 4, writes widely on health, presents films, facilitates many high-level conferences and debates, and trains young researchers. Workshops are scheduled to take place from Thursday until Saturday:

Thursday 14:00-17:00 every hour on the hour (duration: 45 min)
Friday 08:00-08:45
Friday 16:00-16:45
Saturday 09:30-10:15

Register onsite at the Patient Lounge, Booth K36 or send an email to