Online-only Registration

We are now offering online-only registrations for EAU22, allowing delegates a convenient way of following the main session rooms live if they are unable to take the trip to Amsterdam. Live coverage will be available from the eUROauditoriums 1 and 2 and Green Room 1, with recordings available on demand from other sessions.

An Online-Only Registration is available for a much lower price than a regular registration and includes:

  • Access to a live stream of all the sessions held in eUROauditoriums 1 and 2 and Green Room 1.
  • On-demand access to recordings of the other sessions when they become available
  • Access to the EAU22 Resource Centre for 3 years
  • Find the delegate fees here
  • Register here

Changing your registration

Should you have an Online-Only registration, but unexpectedly be able to attend the congress in-person in March, you can upgrade your Online-Only registration to a regular, in-person registration at no extra cost.

If you currently have or make a regular registration and cannot make the trip, you can exchange your registration for an Online-Only Registration for €50 excl. VAT to cover the administrative costs.

For both of these changes to an existing registration, you can send an e-mail to:

Cancelling your registration

If you would need to cancel your registration the current cancellation policy applies. You can find more information here.