EAU22 award winners

From the EAU Crystal Matula Award for a young promising European urologist to the EAU Willy Gregoir Medal, from the EAU Prostate Cancer Research Award to the Best Abstract Awards; the EAU annually bestows prestigious awards on pioneering, renowned urologists. This page is designed to honour those urologists. Please have a look at all the EAU22 award winners.

EAU Willy Gregoir Medal

K-E. Andersson

Lund, Sweden

For a significant contribution to the development of the urological
specialty in Europe

EAU Frans Debruyne Life Time Achievement Award

J. Palou

Barcelona, Spain

For a longstanding and important contribution to the activities
and development of the EAU

EAU Crystal Matula Award

V. Kasivisvanathan

London, United Kingdom

For a young promising European urologist

Supported by LABORIE

EAU Innovators in Urology Award

Y. Fradet

Quebec, Canada

For inventions and clinical contributions which have had a major impact on influencing the treatment and/or diagnosis of a urological disease

EAU Ernest Desnos Prize

A. Jardin
On behalf of the Cercle Félix Guyon

Paris, France

For extraordinary contributions to the History of Urology

EAU Hans Marberger Award

A. Martini

Milan, Italy

For the best European paper published on Minimally Invasive Surgery
in Urology

The ERUS Curriculum for Robot-assisted Partial Nephrectomy: Structure Definition and Pilot Clinical Validation
European Urology 75 (2019) 1023-1031;

Supported by KARL STORZ SE & CO.KG

EAU Prostate Cancer Research Award

T. Nordström

Stockholm, Sweden

For the best paper published on clinical or experimental studies in prostate

Prostate cancer screening using a combination of risk-prediction, MRI, and targeted prostate biopsies (STHLM3-MRI): a prospective, population-based, randomised, open-label, non-inferiority trial. Lancet Oncology; https://doi.org/10.1016/S1470-2045(21)00348-X


New EAU Honorary Members

J. Denstedt

London, Canada

R. Nijman

Groningen, The Netherlands

M. Wirth

Dresden, Germany


Best Papers published in Urological Literature Award

Best Paper on Fundamental Research

Extensive heterogeneity in somatic mutation and selection in the human bladder
Science 370, 75082 (2020)
DOI: 10.1126/science.aat1699

A. Lawson, Hinxton, United Kingdom

Best Paper on Clinical Research

Extended Versus Limited Pelvic Lymph Node Dissection During Radical Prostatectomy for Intermediate- and High-risk Prostate Cancer: Early Oncological Outcomes from a Randomized Phase 3 Trial
European Urology 79 (2021);
https://doi.org/10.1016/j. eururo.2020.11.040

J. Lestingi, Sao Paulo, Brazil;


European Urology® Awards

Best Scientific Paper

The Additive Diagnostic Value of Prostate-specific Membrane Antigen Positron Emission Tomography Computed Tomography to Multiparametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging Triage in the Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer (PRIMARY): A Prospective Multicentre Study
European Urology, Volume 80, Issue 6, Pages 682-689

L. Emmett, Sydney, Australia

Supported by ELSEVIER

Best Scientific Paper on Fundamental Research

Integrated Expression of Circulating miR375 and miR371 to Identify Teratoma and Active Germ Cell Malignancy Components in Malignant Germ Cell Tumors
European Urology, Volume 79, Issue 1, Pages 16-19

L. Nappi, Vancouver, Canada

Supported by ELSEVIER

Best Scientific Paper on Clinical Research

Shockwave Lithotripsy Versus Ureteroscopic Treatment as Therapeutic Interventions for Stones of the Ureter (TISU): A Multicentre Randomised Controlled Non-Inferiority Trial
European Urology, Volume 80, Issue 1, Pages 46-54

R. Dasgupta, London, United Kingdom

Supported by ELSEVIER

Best Scientific Paper on Robotic Surgery

A DROP-IN Gamma Probe for Robot-assisted Radioguided Surgery of Lymph Nodes During Radical Prostatectomy
European Urology, Volume 79, Issue 1, Pages 124-132

P. Dell’Oglio, Milan, Italy


Resident’s Corner Awards for the Best
Scientific Paper by a Resident

Is There a Detrimental Effect of Antibiotic Therapy in Patients with Muscle-invasive Bladder Cancer Treated with Neoadjuvant Pembrolizumab?
European Urology, Volume 80, Issue 3, Pages 319-322

F. Pederzoli, Milan, Italy

Resident’s Corner Awards for the Best
Scientific Paper by a Resident

Effect of Simulation-based Training on Surgical Proficiency and Patient Outcomes: A Randomised Controlled Clinical and Educational Trial
European Urology, Volume 81, Issue 4, Pages 385-393

A. Aydin, London, United Kingdom

Platinum Awards

M. Rouprêt, Paris, France
S. Loeb, New York, United States of America
M. De Santis, Berlin, Germany
F. Witjes, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
B. Ljungberg, Umeå, Sweden

Best Abstract Awards Oncology

First prize

Robot assisted radical cystectomy with intracorporeal urinary diversion versus open radical cystectomy: Results from the iROC prospective randomised controlled trial
Abstract Nr. A0759

J. Catto, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Supported by IPSEN

Second prize

Target vs. target plus standard biopsy in naïve patients: Results of a prospective randomized controlled trial
Abstract Nr. A0455

E. Checcucci, Turin, Italy


Best Abstract Awards Non-Oncology

First prize

Trans-ethnic genome-wide association study reveals new therapeutic targets for benign prostatic hyperplasia
Abstract Nr. A0590

M. Ng, Oxford, United Kingdom

Supported by IBSA

Best Abstract by Residents-in-Urology Awards

First prize

Update from the PEDAL trial: A prospective single arm paired comparison of ability to diagnose and locate prostate cancer between multiparametric MRI and 18F-PSMA-PET/CT
Abstract Nr. A0743

V. Tran, Melbourne, Australia

Second prize

Non-muscle invasive bladder cancer subtypes with differential response to intravesical bacillus Calmette-Guerin treatment
Abstract Nr. A0068

F. De Jong, Rotterdam, The Netherlands


European Urological Scholarship Programme Awards

EUSP Best Scholar Award – LAB

Histone methyltransferases KMT2C and KMT2D in urothelial carcinoma of the lower and upper urinary tract

E. Laukhtina, Vienna, Austria

EUSP Best Scholar Award – Clinical Research

Prostate cancer risk stratification using micro-RNAs, Ki-67 and topoisomerase II: a multicenter study in a high-risk radical prostatectomy cohort

G. Marra, Turin, Italy

Best Video Abstract Awards

First prize

Eight-yr experience of robotic IVC thrombectomy: surgical technique, perioperative and oncologic outcomes

L. Misuraca, Rome, Italy

Second prize

A video demonstration and case series of a modified split thickness skin graft technique using Artiss Sealant® performed with penile cancer procedures

J. Churchill, Manchester, United Kingdom

Third prize

Colored perfusion areas-based 3D virtual models:
The Rainbow Kidney as a new tool to optimize the clamping strategy during robot-assisted partial nephrectomy

D. Amparore, Orbassano, Italy

Young Academic Urologists Awards

Best Paper by YAU

Upper tract urothelial carcinoma in the lynch syndrome tumour spectrum: A comprehensive overview from the European Association of Urology – Young Academic Urologists and the Global Society of Rare Genitourinary Tumors

C. Lonati, Brescia, Italy

Best Poster by YAU

Pathways and perceived barriers to paediatric urology subspecialisation: A study of incumbent attitudes and opinions

F. O’Kelly, Dublin, Ireland

Best Reviewer YAU

D. D’Andrea, Vienna, Austria

Best Patient Poster Awards

First Prize

The EAU Policy Office – working with and for patients
Abstract Nr. AP22-0005

S. Collen, Brussels, Belgium

Second Prize

ReIMAGINE: a prostate cancer research consortium with impact due to its patient and public involvement and engagement
Abstract Nr. AP22-0022

S. Green, London, United Kingdom

Third Prize

Solutions for supporting deprived populations of patients and carers
Abstract Nr. AP22-0014

M. Costin, Chinnor, United Kingdom

For an overview of award winners in previous years, please visit the EAU Congress History website.