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EAU top abstracts: A spotlight on prize winner Ms. M.M.E. Kasten

Stellar urological care, unwavering pursuit of knowledge, and a stronger unified urological community are the aims of the EAU Awards. The latter also comprises the Best Abstract prizes which are presented and given during the EAU’s annual congresses.

Through their research and contributions, prize winners bolster the advancements in urology and become an inspiration for the next generation of healthcare professionals. This article features the young promising resident, Ms. Madlen Marie Elisabeth Kasten (CH), who won the Best Abstract in the non-oncology category for the abstract, “Similar artefact susceptibility for water- and air-filled urodynamic systems: Results from a randomised controlled non-inferiority trial”. In this interview, she shares how the recognition has contributed to her clinical practice and how it spurred her motivation.

Benefits the clinical practice
“The recognition serves as the validation of the expertise and contributions of my team, as well as, affirms that my research is considered valuable and relevant,” shared Kasten. She added that winning the research prize is motivating, and substantiated the positive impact of dedicated research and clinical practice on patient care and the broadening of the healthcare community. “The accolade reinforces my commitment to delivering high-quality care based on the latest evidence and innovative practices,” said Kasten.

The Annual EAU Congress as a platform
According to Kasten, the EAU Congress is the quintessential platform to disseminate research as it is a renowned international event that brings together a diverse and influential audience of professionals in urology. The congress provides an ideal setting to reach a broad and engaged audience who are directly involved or interested in urological research and advancements. Furthermore, it provides opportunities to connect and brainstorm with peers and key opinion leaders.

Imparting advice
When asked what advice she would like to give others who are interested in pursuing research in the field of urology, Kasten said,  “Maintain genuine interest and curiosity in the field. This passion will drive your research. Additionally, seek mentorship from experienced researchers or clinicians for guidance and support.”

In facing challenges at work, she shared that her guiding principle is to remain persistent and solution-oriented. “I dedicate and commit to prioritising the well-being of patients, adhering to ethical principles, and working closely with a team.”

Aspirations and future projects
“I’m currently in the final stages of completing my urological specialisation. Following this, I aspire to further specialise in the fields of functional urology and neuro-urology. Neuro-urology, being a relatively young and dynamic subspecialty within urology, has seen a rapid expansion in knowledge in recent years. I’m certain that it will continue to have a profound impact and increased potential for advancements. I’m eager to contribute to the field’s growth through research efforts,” disclosed Kasten.

Why urology?
Kasten has been drawn to the surgical field since the beginning. In her pursuit of her calling, she discovered that urology is the ideal professional match. She explained, “Urology is not only specialised but also a remarkably varied surgical discipline which guarantees that each day is filled with new challenges. Furthermore, as I delved deeper into urology, the more I came to appreciate functional urology. Disorders in this field often have a significant impact on a patient`s quality of life.”

Aside from becoming a urologist, one of her aspirations was to become a teacher as she was driven by the idea of shaping young minds and knowledge sharing. However, as she continued to explore various interests and opportunities, she found her passion in medicine.

Leisure and interests
Outside urology, Kasten’s interests include capturing moments through photography and traveling. “I love to explore the world and learn about different cultures to gain a broader perspective of our planet.” She added that she enjoyed reading fantasy literature. “My all-time favourite books and movies are ‘The Lord of the Rings.’ Tolkien’s expertise in crafting such a detailed imagined world and complex characters, as well as, his grand storytelling never fails to enthral me.”

About the upcoming EAU24 Best Abstract prizes
You are highly encouraged to submit an abstract for the Best Abstract prizes which are divided into the following categories: Oncology, Non-Oncology, Best Abstract by a Resident, and Best Video.

Leave your mark and make an impact in urology. Send in your abstract before the deadline of 1 November 2023 (23:59 CET). Accepted abstracts will be published in the supplement of the European Urology journal.