Top-quality scientific content is what draws thousands of delegates to Europe’s largest urology meeting every year.

For EAU18 more than 4,500 abstracts were submitted and reviewed by the EAU Scientific Congress Office.

The online abstract submission is now closed. Abstract submitters will be informed by email about the outcome of the abstract selection by Mid-December.

Important dates

1 July 2018 Abstract submission system open
1 November 2018 Deadline for abstract submission
November – December 2018 Abstract selection by reviewers and the EAU Scientific Congress Office members
19 December 2018 Outcome abstract selection available via the online abstract submission system. You will receive a notification by email.
16 February 2019 Abstracts (full bodies) are available in the EAU18 resource centre for EAU members only.
16 March 2019 Abstracts (full bodies) are available in the EAU18 resource centre.

Abstract topic list

1 Adrenals and retroperineal tumours
2 Kidney transplantation
3.1 Stones: Medical/research
3.2 Stones: ESWL
3.3 Stones: Open, laparoscopy and percutaneous
3.4 Stones: Ureteroscopy
4 Upper tract obstruction and benign disease (not stones)
5 Trauma and emergencies in urology
6 Infectious diseases
7.1.1 Prostate cancer: Basic research: Cell biology
7.1.2 Prostate cancer: Basic research: Novel biomarkers
7.1.3 Prostate cancer: Basic research: Novel therapies
7.2.1 Prostate cancer: Screening/diagnosis: PSA and novel biomarkers
7.2.2 Prostate cancer: Screening/diagnosis: Biopsies and imaging
7.3 Prostate cancer: Staging
7.4.1 Prostate cancer: Treatment: Active surveillance, focal, and ablative therapies
7.4.2 Prostate cancer: Treatment: Surgery
7.4.3 Prostate cancer: Treatment: Radiotherapy and brachytherapy
7.4.4 Prostate cancer: Treatment: Management of recurrence after local treatment
7.4.5 Prostate cancer: Treatment: Systemic
7.4.6 Prostate cancer: Treatment: Survivorship and supportive care
8.1 Urothelial tumours: Basic research
8.2 Urothelial tumours: Diagnosis
8.3 Urothelial tumours: Staging
8.4 Urothelial tumours: Management of non-muscle invasive bladder cancer
8.5.1 Urothelial tumours: Management of infiltrative/advanced bladder cancer: Surgical management
8.5.2 Urothelial tumours: Management of infiltrative/advanced bladder cancer: Non-surgical management
8.6 Urothelial tumours: Upper urinary tract
9.1 Renal tumours: Basic research
9.2 Renal tumours: Diagnosis
9.3 Renal tumours: Non-organ sparing surgical treatment
9.4 Renal tumours:  Nephron-sparing approaches
9.5 Renal tumours: Systemic treatment
10.1 Functional LUTS, incontinence and neuro-urology: Basic science
10.2 Functional LUTS, incontinence and neuro-urology: Diagnosis
10.3 Functional LUTS, incontinence and neuro-urology: Treatment
11 BPH: Research, Diagnosis and treatment
12.1 Sexual dysfunction and andrology: Basic research
12.2 Sexual dysfunction and andrology: Diagnosis and treatment
13 Infertility
14 Reconstruction of the bladder and upper urinary tract
15 Urethral strictures, urethroplasty and  reconstruction of the external genitalia
16 Testis tumours
17 Penile cancer
18 Paediatric urology
19 Enhanced recovery after urological surgery
20 Imaging in urology (non-prostate)
21 History of urology
22.1 New experimental technologies and techniques
22.2 Social media, information and computer technology
23 Rare urogenital disease (incidence of less of 1 in 2000)
24 Geriatric urology
25 Education and training
26 Trials in progress