Scientific Programme

The Annual EAU Congress is Europe’s biggest urological event with specialists and affiliated medical professionals gathering for a critical assessment of clinical practices and key research developments.

This year the 35th Annual EAU Congress will go virtual for the first time. To make sure that you do not miss out on the important scientific updates in urology, we will host a series of interactive virtual meetings presenting all the highlights of EAU20. On 17-19 July, 2020 there will be a full-day Virtual Congress with state-of-the-art presentations, live moderation and discussions. On 20-26 July, there will be a different highlighted topic in three-hour evening sessions as part of the EAU20 Theme Week.

The congress will still present the latest in science and education in various interactive formats to suit the needs of all participants, only this time in a virtual manner. Find more details below or in the detailed overview of the scientific programme!


EAU20 Virtual Congress: Scientific Programme

17 July 2020
18 July 2020
19 July 2020
08.20-20.00 08.30-20.00 08.30-20.00
Game Changing Sessions Game Changing Sessions Game Changing Sessions
Plenary Session 1: Modern prostate cancer imaging in daily practice Plenary Session 3: Challenges across the spectrum of bladder cancer Plenary Session 5: Nightmare on robotics
Thematic Session 1: Focal therapy for prostate cancer: Mid-term oncological outcomes and salvage radical prostatectomy Thematic Session 5: Five things I wish I would have known earlier in my career: Lessons from the mentors Thematic Session 9: Complications of renal surgery
Plenary Session 2: New frontiers in infections Game Changing Session Plenary Session 6: Stones: The role of innovation
Industry Session 1 Plenary Session 4: Bladder dysfunction, storage symptoms and benign prostatic  disease Industry Session 3
Thematic Session 2: Men’s health 2020 Industry Session 2 Thematic Session 10: New technology for urology
Thematic Session 3: Management of patients with CRPC in 2020 Thematic Session 6: Urinary reconstruction in (neuro) urology Plenary Session 7: #Testis cancer and surgical andrology
Thematic Session 4: Radioligand therapy in metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer Best Abstract Session: Non-oncology Thematic Session 11: Controversies in renal cancer surgery
Thematic Session 7: Immunotherapy and beyond
Thematic Session 8: Salvage LND prostate cancer
Best Abstract Session: Oncology

EAU20 Theme Week: Topics

Following the three full days of the Virtual Congress, we will host a series of themed evening programmes. Each day will be centred around a different topic, and feature presentations of the best abstracts on that topic, a relevant industry session and a selection of the best videos on the topic. These two-hour and fifteen minute sessions are an attempt to capture the great breadth of the EAU20 scientific programme as originally envisioned, in addition to the three-day Virtual Congress.

Date Topic
Monday 20 July (17.00-19.15) Andrology
Tuesday 21 July (17.00-19.15) Imaging
Wednesday 22 July (17.00-19.15) Functional Urology
Thursday 23 July (17.00-19.15) Bladder Cancer
Friday 24 July (17.00-19.15) Renal Cancer
Saturday 25 July (17.00-19.15) Prostate Cancer
Sunday 26 July (17.00-19.15) Stones