Scientific Programme

The Annual EAU Congress is Europe’s biggest urological event with specialists and affiliated medical professionals gathering for a critical assessment of clinical practices and key research developments.

The congress presents the latest in science and education in various formats to suit the needs of all participants, including challenging state-of-the-art lectures, fascinating HD video surgery sessions, skill-boosting hands-on training and practice-oriented courses.

In our fourth decade of providing a comprehensive and effective platform for urological specialists from around the world, we bring you the very best of urological science.

Virtual Programme
Our Scientific Congress Office is currently preparing a state-of-the-art scientific programme that will allow you to follow the latest advancements in the full spectrum of urology from all over the world. We aim to create an innovative virtual experience that combines successful formats like semi-live surgery and crossfire debates with new engaging online features.

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8 July 2021
9 July 2021
10 July 2021
11 July 2021
12 July 2021
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EAU Semi-Live Surgery

Section Meeting

Plenary Session 1:
Nightmare session: PCa early detection
Plenary Session 3:
Advanced bladder cancer in 2021: Going forward?
Plenary Session 5:
Treatment for metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer
Plenary Session 7:
Stones: Keeping with tradition or time for new concepts?
Plenary Session 2:
Optimal management of incontinence in the elderly patient
Plenary Session 4:
Renal cancer: From localised to metastatic disease
Plenary Session 6:
Reconstructive surgery: Did the robot take over?
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