Scientific Programme

The Annual EAU Congress is Europe’s biggest urological event with specialists and affiliated medical professionals gathering for a critical assessment of clinical practices and key research developments.

The congress presents the latest in science and education in various formats to suit the needs of all participants, including challenging state-of-the-art lectures, fascinating HD video surgery sessions, skill-boosting hands-on training and practice-oriented courses.

In our fourth decade of providing a comprehensive and effective platform for urological specialists from around the world, we bring you the very best of urological science.

The scientific programme is under construction and will be online available in the fall.

20 March 2020
21 March 2020
22 March 2020
23 March 2020
24 March 2020
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Urology Beyond Europe

Plenary Sessions:

1: New frontiers in infection

2: #Testis cancer and surgical andrology

Plenary Sessions:

3: Modern prostate cancer imaging in daily practice

4: Nightmare on robotics

Plenary Sessions:

5: Challenges across the spectrum of bladder cancer

6: Bladder dysfunction, storage symptoms and benign prostatic disease

Plenary Session:

7: Stones: The role of innovation

EAU Section Meetings Thematic Sessions Thematic Sessions
Poster and Video Sessions, Expert-Guided Poster Tours Poster and Video Sessions, Expert-Guided Poster Tours Poster and Video Sessions, Expert-Guided Poster Tours Poster and Video Sessions, Expert-Guided Poster Tours
Speciality Sessions Speciality Sessions Speciality Sessions Speciality Sessions
Industry Sessions Industry Sessions Industry Sessions
ESU Courses ESU Courses & Hands-on Training ESU Courses & Hands-on Training ESU Courses & Hands-on Training
Young urologists & Residents Day
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Plenary Sessions

From the most controversial and urgent issues in urology to the newest treatment strategies and best clinical practices, experts provide their views and insights in panel debates, case presentations and state-of-the-art lectures and updates.

Thematic Sessions

The core issues and challenges in urology are grouped in various thematic sessions to examine and highlight research updates, the experience of expert centres and the pressing questions that confront urologists in their daily practice.

Abstract Sessions

Insights are shared and the interactive discussions are aimed to deepen urological knowledge in these sessions that present the newest research studies from European and overseas institutions.

Section Meetings

The EAU’s Section Office presents specialised topics for discussion and the simultaneous section meetings offer in-depth knowledge from a broad range of urological specialties such as oncology, reconstruction urology, paediatrics, female urology to neuro-urology, among many others.

Live Surgery Sessions

Well-attended not only by urologists but also by medical professionals working in related fields, the live surgery sessions deliver best practices by some of the world’s uro-surgical experts and also tackle the challenges and practical issues faced by surgeons in actual practice.

ESU Courses and Hands-on Training Courses

From core and basic specialties in urology to more advanced masterclass courses, the European School of Urology (ESU) annually presents a credited curriculum of CME and Hands-on Training (HOT) courses that aim to deepen the skills of young and mid-career urologists.

Industry Sessions

These industry sessions are plenary presentations of data, research and facts on pharmaceutical and equipment development. The industry workshops are interactive sessions, based on plenary or individual demonstration, explanation or application of equipment/devices.