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Optimal management of incontinence in the elderly patient

“Urinary incontinence is one of the most frequent urological conditions, especially in the elderly population. The impact of population ageing is already seen in urology wards where patients are older and older,” says Prof. Jean-Nicolas Cornu (Rouen, FR). We asked Prof. Cornu about how urinary incontinence will be covered at EAU21. Among many thematic and poster sessions, Plenary Session 2: Optimal management of incontinence in the elderly patient will be the main starting place for delegates interested in the subject. This session will take place on Friday, 9 July from 10:30 to 12:00. Find the complete scientific programme here!

During the EAU21 Virtual Congress, a specific focus will be made on UI in the elderly, discussing overactive bladder treatments and surgical options. These options include bulking agents, slings, and artificial urinary sphincter. We will also specifically look at drugs: how and when to use them in daily practice.”

“Experts in incontinence will also discuss pragmatic clinical situations in both sexes, e.g. an artificial sphincter dysfunction in an elderly male, and a case of stress urinary incontinence in an elderly female candidate for surgery. Key opinion leaders will also cover the growing legal and regulatory issues in the field of mesh implantation, and focus on the patient’s perspective.”

“Beyond the plenary session, the rest of the EAU21 programme will also cover hot topics related to incontinence. This includes poster and thematic sessions on cutting-edge scientific reports, updated clinical trials results, and presentations on new instruments and devices.”