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Dive back into learning: Join EAU23’s dynamic mix of educational activities

Optimal learning involves more than active listening. Enjoy and benefit from a well-rounded (and fun) educational experience at EAU23. Expect no less than a dynamic mix of educational activities, ranging from Hands-on Training, EAU Guidelines updates to on-site exams.

Always popular
To start off, there will be 47 outstanding courses by the European School of Urology (ESU) at EAU23. With curricula packed with top scientific content to complement the congress sessions, the ESU courses will provide you with exclusive information on a variety of specialisations.

Join any of the popular ESU courses and look forward to EAU Guidelines courses such as “Updates and controversies: Urolithiasis, female and male LUTS guidelines 2023: What has changed?” and “Surgical complications during laparoscopic/robotic urological procedures: Prevention, diagnosis, management and complications”.

You can also participate in the new ESU courses such as:

  1. ESU Course 23: Paediatric stone disease
  2. ESU Course 32: Advanced indications in robotic surgery
  3. ESU Course 46: Surgical complications during laparoscopic/robotic urological procedures: Prevention, diagnosis,  management, complications

Explore and choose which opportunities interest you in this overview.

Work with your hands
To expand beyond and enhance traditional teaching methods, the ESU also offers hands-on training (HOT) courses. These are memorable learning experiences designed to develop your skills further.

The HOT courses will be dedicated to basic laparoscopy, MRI fusion biopsy, endoscopic stone treatment, PSMA/PET image reading, and more. Experts in these fields will guide you step-by-step to ensure optimal retention of novel and vital methods. Click here for the list of HOT courses.

To join any of the ESU and HOT courses, simply add them during your registration to EAU23.

Write it well
Do you have original research that you are eager to share but need information on how to write about it? Not to worry, the EAU has got you covered. Join the highly-informative EAU Writing Course and learn:

  • How to write the methods section (including different types of work)
  • What to look for in the statistics section (including choosing and presenting your statistical analysis
  • How to write the results/discussion section
  • What an editor looks for when reviewing the results and discussion

Step into their shoes
Aside from you, who else has invaluable insight into the urological diseases you are treating? Your patients, of course. Unlock the benefits of patient engagement and give your clinical practice a boost. Join the Patient Information Clinical Leadership Workshop “Flip the Classroom”. Know more about how to optimise shared decision-making with your patients; patient-reported outcomes and health-related quality of life data in cancer clinical trials; patient involvement in research prioritisation, and more!

The workshop will take place on 12 and 13 March 2023. Young urologists and nurses are highly encouraged to join. Please note that there are only limited spots available. To secure your spot please send an email to