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05 April 2024

Unveiling testicular cancer: STM, TDS, fertility preservation, and miR-371a-3p

Four state-of-the-art lectures provided the latest insights on testis cancer and conditions during the Thematic Session “Unveiling the unseen: Management
05 April 2024

Game-changing roles: ctDNA and adjuvant NIVO in advanced BCa treatment

The Game-changing Session “Prime time for adjuvant treatment in locally advanced bladder cancer” led by Prof. Morgan Rouprêt (FR) and
05 April 2024

Plenary Session: Are we advancing in GU cancer staging?

Led by esteemed Chairs Prof. Morgan Rouprêt (FR) and Dr. Jochen Walz (FR), day one of EAU24 started with the
05 April 2024

Urology Beyond Europe: 14 sessions representing urology across six continents

The first day of the EAU’s Annual Congress typically features the “Urology Beyond Europe” sessions, in which experts representing Europe
03 April 2024

Prof. Walsh in his own words in new edition of De Historia

Every year the EAU History Office prepares a volume of the long-running book series that explores the origins of urology.
28 March 2024

What’s on the agenda for bladder cancer at EAU24?

We are one week away from EAU24 in Paris! Bladder cancer is well-represented at EAU24, with several dedicated thematic sessions,
28 March 2024

Urological history at EAU24: Publications, Sessions, Exhibition… prizes?

Every year the EAU History Office contributes to the Annual Congress’s scientific programme with multiple sessions, including one for abstracts
25 March 2024

EAU values and expectations: Respect and inclusivity

Urological excellence is not only measured by medical advancements, but also by the degree of inclusivity and respect shown within
14 March 2024

Hot topics in kidney cancer

Adjuvant immunotherapy, treatment intensification, triplet therapy trials, plus more! A focal point of discussion at next month’s EAU24 Congress in Paris (5
12 March 2024

Introducing the EAU24 Congress gift: Urology in Art

For 2024, the EAU History Office has a new Congress Gift lined up for EAU members in Paris. Representing the
07 March 2024

Live surgery and dealing with complications

Surgery is of course a major component of EAU24, be it in Live Surgery form, informative sessions on dealing with complications,
29 February 2024

What’s new in prostate cancer?

Here’s a preview of hot topics that are included in the scientific programme at EAU24 for prostate cancer (PCa), including two Plenary
22 February 2024

Understanding patient-centric care during EAU24 Patient Day

Patient engagement and shared decision-making are rapidly evolving. Stay ahead by getting a first look at developments in AI, sharing insights with