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01 July 2022

Report: Music and sand at the EAU22 Opening Ceremony

With the first day of EAU22 coming to a close, the official Opening Ceremony offered an occasion for the EAU
01 July 2022

Prostate cancer early detection: It’s time for change!

On Friday, 1 July, Prof. Peter Albers (DE), Prof. André Deschamps (BE) and Prof. Monqiue Roobol (NL), chaired the EAU22
01 July 2022

What is Game Changing about RCC? EAU TV covers Kidney Cancer

Day one of the 37th Annual EAU Congress began with tandem Game Changing Sessions on partial nephrectomy and adjuvant therapy
01 July 2022

Frans Debruyne receives special honour at anniversary-themed EAU22 Opening Ceremony

The EAU’s third and oldest surviving Secretary General, Prof. Frans Debruyne was singled out for his contributions to the EAU
01 July 2022

Urology goes viral in EAUTV on infections

Today we debut the the first edition of EAUTV at the 37th annual EAU Congress, EAU22. The focus of discussion
01 July 2022

UBE sessions breaks borders with urological updates

The Urology Beyond Europe (UBE) sessions are set in motion today. Through the collaborations between the European Association of Urology
01 July 2022

Organoids and ingestible sensors: Urological applications for cutting-edge science and technology

New medical technologies and their potential applications for urologists were at the forefront of EAU22 today, and particularly at the
01 July 2022

Challenges in renal cancer: Small renal mass

Chaired by Dr. Alberto Breda (ES) and Prof. Peter Mulders (NL), Plenary Session 01: Challenges in renal cancer commenced with
01 July 2022

COVID-19 impact on urology and other viral concerns

The lessons we have learnt during COVID-19, including its impact on urological care,  as well as urological research; and a
01 July 2022

EAU22 starts: First in-person Annual Congress in over three years

The RAI Convention centre in Amsterdam opened its doors on July 1st to welcome the first delegates to an Annual
30 June 2022

Access European Urology Today: Congress Edition

The special Congress Edition of European Urology Today is available online to explore. See highlights of the 37th Annual EAU
28 June 2022

PSMA PET for recurring prostate cancer

By Dr. Stefano Fanti (IT) – Nuclear Medicine Unit, IRCSS Azienda Ospedaliero Universitaria di Bologna
27 June 2022

What we know about outpatient surgery in Europe

Prof. Dr. Helmut Haas, ESUO Chairman will deliver survey results and foreseeable trends at EAU22.