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16 March 2019

EAU Policy Paper on PSA screening

Prof. Van Poppel (BE) talked about the policy papers addressing the need to reconsider structured population-based PSA screening for prostate
16 March 2019

Insights from the ESO Prostate Observatory

Prof. van Moorselaar (NL) and Mr. Dowling (IE) gave insights of what urologists and patients can expect in Prostate Cancer
16 March 2019

Expert-Guided Poster Tours: interaction between presenters and experts

Prof. Heesakkers (NL) explained the importance of the expert guided tours of the 34th European Urology Association Annual Congress, how
16 March 2019

Debate: Mental Health and Prostate Cancer

Dr. Klaassen (USA), Dr. Friberg (DK) and Dr. Axcrona (NO) debated mental health and prostate cancer, with evidence to suggest
16 March 2019

Barentsz Trial – Bi-parametric MRI versus multi-parametric MRI

Jelle Barentsz (NL) is questioned by Jochen Walz (FR) and Arnaud Villers (FR) about his study on The role of
15 March 2019

EUT Congress News – Saturday 16 March 2019

Read the news and backgrounds from day 1 at EAU19 in Barcelona.
15 March 2019

How Spain’s urology was shaped by its empire

Spain has greatly contributed to the field of urology, through its scholars, surgeons and innovators, the audience learned at the
15 March 2019

EAU19 honours innovators and notable contributions

The vocal prowess of “Carmen”, the name of the lead and title of the iconic opera by French composer Georges
15 March 2019

Young Academic Urologists: “the backbone of EAU research”

The Young Academic Urologists (YAU) “are the current backbone of research within the EAU,” said Arnulf Stenzl (DE), Chairman of
15 March 2019

EAU-USANZ session delivers updates in the region

Female-to-male (FTM) gender reassignment surgery and the practice patterns of female urologists in Australia and New Zealand were examined during
15 March 2019

Insights and developments in Oncology and Andrology from a Chinese perspective

Professors James N’Dow (GB), Yeong-Shiau (TW) and Li-Qun Zhou (CN) were delighted to chair the Joint Session of the EAU
15 March 2019

ESO Observatory features forecasts in PCa management

The “6th ESO Prostate Cancer Observatory: Innovations and care in the next 12 months” showcased predictions by experts from diverse
08 March 2019

EAU Events App: Your Smart Congress Companion

What provides a tremendous amount of information and fits in your pocket? Apps in your mobile, indeed! Optimise your experience at the upcoming