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22 March 2019

Guidelines updates and advocacy groups in Pca, Bca and RCC

Prof. Hein Van Poppel (BE) and Dr. Antonella Cardone (BE), chaired the EAU Patient Information Session. Prof. Van Poppel warmly
21 March 2019

EAU TV: Focus on Kidney: CARMENA and Renal Cell Carcinoma

Moderator of Plenary session 4 Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC) Prof. Markus Kuczyk talked about if CARMENA trial changes everything.
21 March 2019

EAU TV: Urology Nightmares – ‘Forgotten’ ureteral stents: Whose responsibility?

EAU19 had an animated start on Saturday with Plenary Session 2; a ‘nightmare session’ on stones. Mr. Bertie Leigh (GB),
21 March 2019

EAU Policy Paper on PSA screening

Prof. Van Poppel (BE) talked about the policy papers addressing the need to reconsider structured population-based PSA screening for prostate
20 March 2019


Prof. Wout Feitz (NL) talked about the aim of eUROGEN, the main focus of the coming months and his role
20 March 2019

LUTS session accents UPSTREAM & optimal treatments

Insights from the UPSTREAM study, the best time for intervention, clinical efficacy for BPH and invalidating fake news were covered
19 March 2019

The most important lessons from Barcelona

The Annual EAU Congress typically closes with a Souvenir Session, and EAU19 in Barcelona was no different. Presided over by
18 March 2019

AUA Lecture challenges urologists to get more out of patient-reported outcome

When determining which treatment a patient should receive for localised prostate cancer, urologists should be prepared to not just compare
18 March 2019

Primary results from the SAUL study

Prof. Jens Bedke (DE) and Prof. Maria José Ribal discussed the primary results from the SAUL study with Prof. Axel
18 March 2019

Case deliberations: To treat or not to treat with testosterone therapy?

Testosterone therapy (TTH) as a plausible treatment for a patient was examined during “Plenary Session 06: The role of the
18 March 2019

Breaking News Session: Prostate & Bladder Cancer trials

This Monday, the last full day of EAU19 in Barcelona, Prof. Axel Merseburger (DE) presented the results of the SAUL
18 March 2019

Thematic session highlights hot onco-urology updates

Conclusions from recent oncology meetings were summarised during “Thematic Session 11: Latest and hot news in medical treatment in onco-urology”,
17 March 2019

EUT Congress News – Monday 18 March 2019

Read the news and backgrounds from day 3 at EAU19 in Barcelona.