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Prof. Walsh in his own words in new edition of De Historia

Every year the EAU History Office prepares a volume of the long-running book series that explores the origins of urology. New volumes have been presented at the EAU’s Annual Congress since 1994. This new edition features nine new chapters by contributors.

Notably, the cover feature is a new first-hand report by Prof. Patrick Walsh, a prominent speaker at last year’s 7th International Congress on the History of Urology in Milan. Prof. Walsh is well-known for his pioneering of the nerve-sparing radical prostatectomy, having first discovered the relevant nerves while visiting Prof. Pieter Donker’s department in Leiden, the Netherlands.

In addition to Prof. Walsh’s recollections, the chapter offers a commentary on the significance of Profs. Walsh and Pieter Donker’s discovery in the early 1980s, a reproduction of the original sketches, and also full-colour reproductions of the final hand-drawn illustrations that accompanied the revolutionary article in Journal of Urology.

  • Find the complete table of contents below. EAU Members with the right entitlements can collect their copies at the EAU Booth (D80). This edition (as well as previous volumes) can also be purchased.


Table of Contents, de Historia Urologiae Europaeae Vol. 31

From the 7th International Congress on the History of Urology

  • Nerve-sparing radical prostatectomy: A European discovery?
    Patrick C. Walsh
  • Surgery for vesicovaginal fistula in Europe: The result of the abuse of enslaved women in America?
    David Castro-Díaz

 Urological Pioneers

  • Sir George Buckston Browne (1850-1945): The biography of a Victorian urologist
    Jonathan Charles Goddard and Dirk Schultheiss
  • William Barr Stirling and the Aortogram
    Kamran Raza and Jonathan Charles Goddard
  • Louis-Auguste Mercier: The forgotten pioneer of endourology
    Jasmin Katrin Badawi 
  • Carlos Alférez Villalobos (1926-2007): Pioneer in renal hypertension surgery and kidney transplantation in Clínica Jiménez Díaz, Madrid
    Juliusz Szczesniewski, Javier Díaz Goizueta, Francisco José Díaz Alférez and Javier C. Angulo 
  • Władysław Hipolit Stankiewicz (1837-1929): Warsaw’s surgeon and urologist, insurgent of the 1863 January Uprising and patriot
    Thaddaeus Zajaczkowski 

The History of Urology

  • The Centenary of the Portuguese Association of Urology (1923-2023)
    João Pedroso Lima, Pedro Nunes and Arnaldo Figueiredo 
  • A tale of two writers and a surgeon: How their odes to Francisco Diaz’s urological treatise sparked a dispute between Lope de Vega and Miguel de Cervantes.
    Javier C. Angulo and Juliusz J. Szczesniewski