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22 March 2023

EAUTV: Prostate Cancer at EAU23

Chair of the EAU Scientific Congress Office, Prof. Peter Albers, leads this discussion of early detection of Prostate Cancer with
13 March 2023

Best of EAU23: Excerpts from the congress’s most crucial updates

Europe’s biggest urological event of the year, the 38th Annual EAU Congress (EAU23), concluded with a special session that encapsulated
12 March 2023

Thematic Session: Implications of the new EU approach to PCa detection

Prostate cancer patients can look forward to a continent-wide effort to improve early detection and reduce suffering and mortality, and
12 March 2023

Plenary on prostate cancer: Screening and stratification

With prostate cancer (PCa) and in particular its early detection a red-hot topic for urologists in Europe, the EAU23 Plenary
12 March 2023

Press release: New technique reduces postoperative complications in prostate cancer surgery

Surgeons in Germany have shown a small technical change to keyhole surgery for prostate cancer can more than halve one
12 March 2023

Press release: Delaying treatment for localised prostate cancer does not increase mortality risk, trial shows

Active monitoring of prostate cancer has the same high survival rates after 15 years as radiotherapy or surgery, reports the
10 March 2023

Press release: Advanced imaging may help in clinical treatment of prostate cancer

09 March 2023

Press Release: Digital rectal examination is not useful to early detect prostate cancers

A common method of detecting prostate cancer may not be accurate enough as a reliable screening tool by itself, scientists
03 July 2022

EAUTV: A multidisciplinary look at Prostate Cancer

EAUTV tackles prostate cancer at EAU22.
03 July 2022

What’s new in PCa high-risk local treatment, and how useful is MRI?

Day three began with a game changing session, followed by scientific updates and lively debate in Plenary 5 on PCa
02 July 2022

Looking ahead in PCa management

The “8th ESO Prostate Cancer Observatory: Innovations and care in the next 12 months” was a highly educational session showcasing
01 July 2022

Prostate cancer early detection: It’s time for change!

On Friday, 1 July, Prof. Peter Albers (DE), Prof. André Deschamps (BE) and Prof. Monqiue Roobol (NL), chaired the EAU22
22 March 2022

ESU courses at EAU22: Prime updates, best practices, and solid fundamentals

This year, the European School of Urology (ESU) will offer prime urological updates, practical insights, best practices, and fundamentals through