Beware of fraud

Please be very careful when registering for EAU24 or booking hotel rooms in Paris. Several fraudulent third parties exist, who use EAU logos to appear like legitimate business. You may lose any money you pay and be left with no rooms or registrations. You may even be approached by e-mail by some of these parties, if they see that you are a speaker at EAU24 and they can find your e-mail address.


• K.I.T. Group is the official housing bureau for the EAU24 Annual Congress. EAU cannot validate hotel reservations via sources other than those presented by K.I.T.
• After conducting careful research and dedicated negotiation, K.I.T. works on your behalf to provide the best hotel rates and keep the meeting affordable in Paris.
• To receive the best service and pricing, please be sure to book via the Accommodation page on the Congress Website.

If you are contacted by any other company or agency offering housing for the EAU24 Annual Congress in Paris, please note that these companies are not authorised to represent the EAU in any way, nor do they have access to the officially contracted EAU Congress room blocks or rates.

If you are contacted by any such agency or have any questions regarding their legitimacy, please don’t hesitate to contact us at:

How does hotel fraud work?
These groups promote attractive deals with local accommodation providers, but once payment has been received, the company disappears and can no longer be contacted by phone or email. Once the attendee contacts the hotel directly about their room, they realise the hotel has no record of them or their stay. Not only is their money gone, they must then scramble to find last-minute accommodation, which is rarely closely-located to the venue.


Protect yourself against scams and ensure a seamless EAU24 experience by only registering through the congress’ official organiser, Congress Consultants B.V., which is the only party handling the registration of delegates of the EAU24 congress.

Avoid fraudulent websites such as or Global Travel Experts.

Companies like these use a range of tactics (including unauthorised usage of the EAU logo) to mislead registrants, who will find out on-site that their credit cards were charged but no registration was made.

The EAU will never ask for your login details, as these are private. Never give out your login details to any third-parties. Also not in case of a (sponsored) group-registration.

How to spot the official EAU24 organiser
Congress Consultants B.V. is based in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Correspondence related to the registration will only come from the Netherlands. The EAU does not work from any other country.

The official emails will always only come from:


The EAU warns delegates to be cautious when disclosing personal information to third parties.

See screenshots of some fraudulent websites below.
eau2024congress dot org is a fake website. You may lose any money you pay and be left with no rooms or registrations.