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Urological history at EAU24: Publications, Sessions, Exhibition… prizes?

Every year the EAU History Office contributes to the Annual Congress’s scientific programme with multiple sessions, including one for abstracts on the history of urology. Since 1994, it has also published a volume of de Historia Urologiae Europaeae at every congress, as well as many other publications. If you’re interested in the history of our field, read on and find out what the History Office has in store for you in Paris!

Scientific Sessions

The History Office has two back-to-back sessions on Saturday the 6th.


  • Free for EAU Members: de Historia Urologiae Europaeae Vol. 31. This year’s cover feature is a first-hand account by Prof. Patrick Walsh about his and Prof. Donker’s discovery of the nerve bundle that made radical prostatectomy a feasible operation and saved the lives of millions of men since. His account, as also presented at the 7th International Congress on the History of Urology in Milan last year is illustrated with the unique, original sketches of the discovery, currently part of the EAU’s collection.
  • Congress Gift for EAU Members: Urology in Art. Read more about this beautifully-illustrated coffee table book here!

These and other publications can be collected or purchased at the EAU Booth in the Exhibition, D80. Older publications also available at discounted prices so complete your collection!

Historical Exhibition & Treasure Hunt

While you are collecting your publications (or the EAU Guidelines), you will also notice the Historical Exhibition. This is organised every year and usually showcases the history of urology in the country hosting the congress. This year, with France playing such a crucial role in the development of early urology, we have some truly unique items on display, loaned from private collections or from the EAU’s own archives. An accompanying brochure can be found in your congress bag.

This year, we have also prepared a small “treasure hunt” with a prize to be won! The answers can be found upon careful inspection of the Historical Exhibition.

  1. In the satirical cartoon on one of the walls of the Exhibition, there is a group portrait of French doctors, including proto-urologists. What is the eighth figure holding in his right hand?
  2. This year’s winner of the Desnos Prize is Dr. Johan Mattelaer. How many times has the Desnos Prize been awarded in total?
  3. The Exhibition features a signed photo of Jean Casimir Félix Guyon. Who was the photographer?

You can fill in the form below before 12:00 CEST, Sunday 7 April, and if correct, you will enter a draw for a nice prize, to be collected at the EAU Booth. The draw will be performed by a wholly impartial EAU employee.

  • The Treasure Hunt is now closed and the winner will be announced soon!