Patient Poster Session

For the EAU Virtual Congress in July 2021, we asked patients and patient advocates around the world to present their research and to give their perspective on how to improve patient-physician communications, and address presumptions and change perceptions on both sides. Click here to watch the EAU21 Patient Poster Session.

We thank all who submitted their abstract for their enormous effort and their willingness to share their story, which helped us to identify unmet needs that are not or insufficiently addressed by the disease-orientated physician.

The EAU22 Patient Poster Session on Monday 21 March 2022 will centre around addressing those needs. We encourage all patients and patient advocates to present solutions, novel approaches and best practices revolving around:

  • Physical and Psychological well-being
  • Finance and Work
  • Patient involvement in clinical research, and development of care pathways and clinical guidelines
  • Patient engagement/advocacy in healthcare policy